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Devwill Too MSX + ZX banner.png

Year: 2020/21

Engine: MPAGD

Genre: Platformer

OS: ZX Spectrum/MSX

Language: English or Portuguese

Devwill Too ZX/MSX

Devwill Too ZX/MSX is a Arcade platformer for ZX Spectrum and MSX. You will need a ZX Spectrum emulator and a MSX emulator, or the real hardware of each system to play this game. For ZX version I recomend using Espectaculator (paid) or Fuse (free). For MSX there is a lot of options, but you can use OpenMSX emulator or the online emulator here:


The game is based on the Mega Drive/Sega Genesis version, but it's not the same game, more like a new game based on the characters and world of the GEN version.

Devwill Too ZX/MSX é um jogo Arcade de plataformas para ZX Spectrum e MSX. Você vai precisar de um emulador de ZX Spectrum e (ou) um emulador de MSX, ou o hardware real de cada sistema, para rodar o jogo. Para a versão ZX eu recomendo utilizar os emuladores Espectaculator ou Fuse, e para o MSX OpenMSX ou o emulador online que se encotnra neste endereço:

O jogo é inspirado na versão de Mega Drive, mas com várias diferenças, como uma releitura do mesmo universo e personages adaptados aos 8-bits.


Key Features:

  •  At least 15 minutes of full speedrun gameplay\pelo menos 15 minutos de speedrun gameplay

  •  44 unique screens\44 telas únicas

  •  Arcade gameplay with metroidvania elements\jogabildiade arcade com alguns elementos de metroidvania

  •  Combo System for additional Score and Challenge\sistema de combos que adiciona pontos e desafio ao jogador

The download has the following Files:

  •  ZX 48k version without music and fancy load screen in English, Spanish, or Portuguese variations

  •  ZX 128k version with music and Nice loading Screen

  •  MSX1 48k ROM version with some extras: title screen, cutscene screen, 7 songs, Jukebox (sound test), extra graphical eye candy effects, and credit screens with some pixel art (you can call it "tile art" we may say) (In English or Portuguese, either 50 or 60Hz song speed versions)


ZX version Controls:

  • L = Right

  • J = Left

  • X = Jump

  • Z = Slide (once acquired)

  • X (mid air) = Double jump (once acquired)

(for 1 button Joystick compatibility reasons there is now a folder with alternate control version of the ZX .tap files, please read "alt controls.txt")

MSX version Controls (You can reconfigure or use a joystick/joypad)

  • Right arrow = Right

  • Left Arrow = left

  • M = Jump

  • Space Bar = Slide (once acquired)

  • M (mid air) = Double jump (once acquired)

  • N = Pause game


You can buy the ZX game in phisical edition k7 on the following store: (Compre no formato Fita k7 pelo link abaixo)


You can buy the MSX cartridge version on the following store: (Compre no formato cartucho através do link abaixo)

Repro Factory MSX Shop

Have Fun.

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Please, after buying send an e-mail to to receive the download link.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Você pode comprar o jogo pelo botão Paypal ou por uma transferencia PIX no valor de R$ 20,00. Após a compra por favor envie um email com o comprovante da transferencia informando qual jogo você deseja para

Chave PIX: 476864fb-67e2-4cf3-a1e4-1ff45ed6c456

ou utilize o QR code ao lado (clique para ampliar)

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